Enterprise Security Risk Management

Consultantgurus’s Enterprise Security Management (ESM) is a leading security service offering for our clients. We specialize in helping our customers implement security transformation plans and maintain an up-to-date security posture in a well-articulated, efficient and meticulous manner, across IT & business functions. We provide end-to-end information security solutions designed to mitigate external and internal risks, ensuring a secure, resilient and dynamic infrastructure. Our “Entry-to-Exit” range of service offerings span Consulting, System Integration, and Security Testing..

We have extensive experience in assisting our clients in their security journeys. Over the last 16 plus years, the Security Practice has built an experienced team of over 25 security consultants, with customized security solutions & investments in Centers of Excellence COEs to assist our customers in achieving a robust security posture.

Our service portfolio covers the following major areas

  • Consulting & Compliance: Risk Assessments & benchmarking of organizational security against international standards and best practices. Also covers design of security frameworks, policies & processes to enhance security maturity.
  • System Integration: Deploy & customise security products across the application estate & network infrastructure
  • Security assessments and Penetration Testing: Professional security assessments and penetration tests – completed in under 6 weeks from signing of contract to delivery of reports for single locations/standard network infrastructures
  • Security Testing & Review: Test compliance & adherence to organizational security policies and standards


Consultantgurus Solutions and Services delivery approach methodology

Our philosophy is to be a preferred long-term partner to our customers and help them implement security solution in complex estates. Our clients benefit from engagements covering a wide risk management strategy with reducing administration & operative costs, and improved efficiency.